Main configuration files of WSO2 ESB

When you extract wso2 ESB you can find few important configuration files. those are set to default values when it ships. however it is important you know what those files do and when its need to modified.


up to current version 4.9 WSO2 ESB based on synapse. that use apache axis2 as a soap engine. web service , transport and other core configuration for axis2 is configured in this file.  when ESB starts it reads this file. so if you made any change to this file it will not take effect until you restart the ESB.


WSO2 ESB running on top of carbon platform. this file is responsible to hold configuration which is belongs to carbon server. JNDI configuration host name configurations lazy or eager loading configuration and all related configurations are hosted here. this file comes with useful comment so modification is easy if required.


All mediation and rule configurations are stored here. An empty flat synapse configuration shipped with the WSO2 ESB. you can add any flat sequences, endpoints, etc.. to this synapse.xml file if you do not want to keep the artifacts in several files.


as we discussed in other article WSO2 ESB follows OSGI architecture. as a result it can embed G-Reg instance inside the ESB. this instance will act as a registry to ESB and it use embedded H2 database. configurations relevant to this Registry like refresh time access control (read only) will control with this file. also you can use your own database instead of default one. for that we can modify this file using


There are few other files in side tomcat directory also. but those are not directly effect to transport. so those are may not much important ESB configuration related works.

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